Our new range of front loading washer extractors provides a large choice of capacities and varieties that meet the needs of all type of coin laundries and are designed to perform the most demanding services.
This new generation combines the latest technology with the best quality in components and material. Their low consumption in water and energy makes them remarkable by the quality of washing and saving costs.
High spin washers (soft mount models) as well as medium and low spin (hard mount) work with the same programmer EASY TOUCH, with user-friendly touch screen and multiple features. Capacities are from 11 to 36 kg in high spin, 11 to 27 kg in medium spin and up to 60 kg low spin models, all of them electric or hot water heating.

LG Commercial Washer

The Giant-C+ is best solution for your business. Save costs and space with high efficiency and easy installation and make money on LG reliability. More customers will visit your laundry room!

  • Installation Flexibility
  • Easy Sliding System
  • Dual Lock System
  • Inverter Direct Drive
  • Premium Powder Coated
  • Multi Heat Treatment
  • Top-mounted Dispenser
  • Multiple Damper Vibration Reduction
  • Steel Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Drum for Washer
  • Tempered Glass
  • Energy Saving
  • Energy Saving
  • Space Saving
  • Atomizing System
  • Optimized Washing System
  • 10° Tilted Drum
  • Embossed Inner Drum
  • Tub Cleaning System
  • Customized Program
  • Easy Programming
  • Easy Repair System
  • Multilingual Readout
  • Reversible Door for Dryer

Girbau washing machine super centrifuge HS Series

Many businesses need to ensure impeccable washing of the linen they use in their professional activities so that cleanliness and hygiene translate into better service to their customers. Whether it is a care home, a gym, a beauty centre or country holiday accommodation, the neatness of the linen represents added value to which special attention must be paid and which calls for special management and monitoring so as to make sure the necessary materials are always ready for use.

GWL12 Smart Drive

A fully featured autowasher powered by the unique Smart Drive System. It is designed to preserve natural resources, offering auto water level, two water saver options and a favourite cycle for the ultimate in customisation. Our washer has a clever Direct Drive motor called Smart Drive. A world first this system operates without many mechanical parts such asn belts, pulleys and gearboxes. With less moving parts, its more reliable - simple, really

Sea-Lion Fully-Auto Washer Extractor

Adopt touch-type programmable computer control system, it is highly automatic, safe, stability and anti-shock. Adopt the international latest complete suspension structure to reduce shock, replace the original shock design by liquid pressure buffer with springs, it can ensure an ideal anti-shock effect even on higher floors. It is with a drum without compartment and single door structure convenient to loading or unloading, and reduces the labor intensity and improves the clean level. With fully-closed and rear-drainage structure, it is good for environmental protection, the drum and case are both made of high quality stainless steel with the advantages of stain resistance and durability.


A leading authority in drycleaning and wet cleaning equipment for over 50 years and counting

  • Inverter Controlled Drive
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Automatic clean and dry
  • Close System for recirculation
  • Choice of 2 tank
  • Refridgerant system for solvent reclaim
  • Cooling Water Inlet / Outlet
  • Slim version
  • Electrical or Steam distillation Option
  • Power Supply 415vAC