Business Opportunity



When you begin to look into starting a new business, it can become confusing with all of the possibilities ... But it does not have to be a difficult task. You will need to take many factors into account such as growth possibilities, financial stability even during economic down times, management requirements, inventory investments, longevity of the industry, and initial investment.

When you are ready to invest your hard earned money, you want to be sure that you are investing in a business with a high degree of economic stability while still giving you the best Return On your Investment (ROI.)

The Coin-Operated Laundry industry is rather unique investment opportunities. While the industry offer excellent ROI with minimal investment.The Coin-Operated Laundry offer excellent owner absentee opportunities.

 Z & Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd has almost 5 years of experience in the coin-operated laundry industry. Together with the manufacturer we represent, you are assured of the finest quality equipment, design and support available today.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities waiting for you in the Coin-Operated Laundry industry, our knowledgeable and professional new business consultants will answer any questions you may have or to help you get started on your exciting new business venture.