Z&Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd is a company fully committed to provide the best laundry solution to laundry shop, apartment, condominium, university colleges, and hostel all over Malaysia. Our mission reads “To become Malaysia’s paramount automated laundry service provider by offering a leading edge coin operated laundry solution for convenient, time saving and value for money”. Currently we have more than 80 outlets coin operated service at University Malaya, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Bahagia Ipoh, Hospital UM, UTM, KUIM, UPM, UniKL, BMI, RISDA, IKBN, PTPL, GMI, UiTM, KPTM, IKRAM (KLUIC), UKM, Kolej Selatan, Matrikulasi Kuala Pilah, Kem KEMENTAH and TUDM Sungai Besi that we owned and manage our self. Also our company already setup for new laundry shop service with our clients for more than 250 outlets all around Malaysia.


We are able to provide you total services from site selection consultancy, equipment supply and service. We are proud using our imported brand laundry equipment washer and dryer, which are assembled and manufactured by local company ‘Z & Z Trading Network sdn Bhd’. They made the best coin operated top loading washer and front-load dryer in the world.

People whom living in apartment, condominium, Hostel and flat have few common problems when it comes to cleaning their laundry.

a) Limited floor space in the house to store the washing machine

b) If they live in hostel they are not allowed putting the washing machine in their place

c) High acquisition cost incurred for brand new washing machine

d) No laundry facility in their place so they have to hand wash

e) When they hand wash, it produces water wastage.

f) They have to hang their clothes over the balcony, creating en eyesore and devalues the image.