Company Objectives

Z & Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd mission is to be the leading manufacturer of coin-op laundries and laundry shop equipment market initially, and ultimately of a wider range of laundry machine components, utilizing a unique coin box design and manufacturing process.


Our objective is to secure an investor with :

a) The required capital injection

b) Commercial management experience

c) Networks and contacts

d) Industry experience


Company History

Z&Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd, was established in 2004 to be your full service coin operated and laundry equipment company. We have been managing and servicing laundry in apartment buildings, condominiums, housing authorities, colleges, universities, and other facilities. We are the preferred choice of property managers and management Universities College throughout the all state in Malaysia.

Z&Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd has grown at a steady pace since our conception in 2004, enabling us to provide you with three fully staffed offices. Today, our staffs have a 7 person and 10 agents handling for every state in Malaysia. The relationship between Z&Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd and the manufacturers we represent is outstanding, which leads to excellent mutual cooperation, allowing us to better serve the customers.


Business Description

Z&Z Network Trading Sdn Bhd is able to provide you with a wide range of services for the laundry industry including equipment sales, laundry design and layout, installation of equipment, service of equipment, preventative maintenance and competitively priced parts service with quick response to all customers.



The founder and owner of Z & Z Network Trading sdn Bhd, Zamri Bin Razak, have been in the laundry industry since 2002. His career began with knowledge exprerience when finish graduate as degree of Electrical (Instrumentation & Control) at UTM Skudai, Johor.